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Android closing in on BlackBerry, taking share from iPhone

AdMob released their monthly mobile metrics report for July and Android continues to increase its share.  Last month, Android pulled ahead of Windows MobileWorldwide request from the Android operating system grew 40% month over month. This now gives Android a 7%  worldwide OS share and sets up a battle with RIM OS, the software that powers BlackBerry phones.

Symbian and iPhone saw declines.

Symbian and iPhone saw declines.

The iPhone saw declines for the second month in a row.  They reached a high of 50% in May and it appears that might have been their peak.  Symbian, RIM OS, and Windows Mobile have been in decline since March.

The rise in Android’s worldwide share in July can be partly attributed to gains in the UK market, where  Android requests were up 30% month over month.  It will be interesting to see the reports for August where Android made important gains.  We saw the T-Mobile myTouch 3G launch and more Android phones become available in new countries.

iPhone saw the biggest decline in July.

iPhone saw the biggest decline in July.

A closer look at the US requests shows Android is taking share directly from iPhone.  RIM OS (Blackberry) also saw declines.  Smartphone requests in the US from Android grew 33% month over month.  The US data also confirms that the iPhone’s lead topped out in May.

It really is amazing that Android has been able to achieve a double digit share with basically one phone on a single carrier.  At this rate, these charts will be turned upside down next year when 4 of the top 5 handset makers have launched phones on the top 4 US carriers. If Apple wants to stop the bleeding, they will have to bring the iPhone to more US carriers.

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  1. Whats more impressive is that none of the currently released android hardware is any impressive. Soon, though. Soon!

  2. ClaudioGuest 6 years ago

    A problem here in Switzerland is, that there is currently a few phones with Android available… I guess because of the three big providers which always want to brand the phones.
    HTC Magic, HTC Hero and Samsung i7500 are out here but all of them have some performance or battery problems.
    Many users are still waiting for a bigger choice here and once more hardware is available, Android will have a boost in Switzerland.

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  4. DudeGuest 6 years ago

    I hope that everyone understands that “admob” does not represent the mobile industry..

    • AdebucheGuest 6 years ago

      Plus the fact that it does not take into account : the overall growth of the market, or any type of value associated to it …

  5. gotoGuest 6 years ago

    What’s up with Symbian OS at the US? Is it by “1% Other”? o.O

    • Symbian is not very popular on smartphones in the US.

    • TydizGuest 6 years ago

      Nokia doesn’t sit with any carrier on their smartphones, which means the phones are $600+ unlocked…As good as some of the phones are, no one in their right mind would pay that much for a phone.

  6. cr0vaxGuest 6 years ago

    Yes, Symbian does practically not exist

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  8. Zacqary Adam GreenGuest 6 years ago

    When Hiptop goes from 3% to 4%, isn’t that the exact opposite of a decline? Or did percentage values change due to inflation or something?

  9. CarmexGuest 6 years ago

    Interesting that the July US chart doesn’t add up to 100%. Where did that missing 1% go?

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  11. AshotGuest 6 years ago

    can’t you see symbian on the second place????

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  14. BrantyrGuest 6 years ago

    Wow, can’t believe there’s no symbian in the US! I personally don’t like the design of the OS which is why I don’t currently have an N97, but their phones are very good – camera and media playback especially (which is something I’m very annoyed with my magic for failing so hard at).

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    Thanks AndroidAndMe for providing me for a wonderful example of how NOT to use graphics to make a point. These pie charts violate just about every rule of good graphic communication! This will go into my lectures in my Business Intelligence courses.

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