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T-Mobile updates Android phone data plans

T-Mobile has decided to update their data plans for Android phones.  Gone is the $24.99 plan that included unlimited data and 400 text messages.  It has been replaced with a newer plan that is the same price, but does not include any text messages bundled in.  The $34.99 plan remains unchanged and still includes unlimited data and unlimited text.

The following is the latest pricing from T-Mobile:

Data Plans

  • Unlimited Web:  $24.99
  • Unlimited Web + Unlimited Messages:  $34.99

Text Messaging Plans

  • 300 Domestic Messages:  $4.99
  • 1000 Domestic Messages:  $9.99
  • Unlimited Domestic Messages:  $14.99
  • Unlimited Domestic Messages for Families:  $24.95

It appears the changes are only taking place for new T-Mobile customers.  Existing customers will be allowed to keep their $24.99 plan with 400 text messages.  There is no official word if the older plans with 400 messages will eventually be phased out.  We are waiting to hear from T-Mobile and will updated you if we get a response.

With the new plans in place, customers who choose the lower $24.99 plan and want basic texting can add on the 300 messages for $4.99.  This brings their monthly total to $30.  I’m sure T-Mobile will just use this as an opportunity to upgrade you to the $34.99 plan to get unlimited texting.  Overages for text messages are still running at $0.20 per message.

The $25 plan no longer includes 400 text messages.

The $25 plan no longer includes 400 text messages.

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