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Larva Labs previews Intelligent Home Screen

Larva Labs posted a preview of an upcoming Android UI they are working on that is called Intelligent Home Screen. It is radically different from any home screen out there and looks really slick. Larva Labs is best known for producing Android games like Battle for Mars and Retro Defense, so this is a step in a new direction for them.

Larva Labs describes the inspiration to the design on their blog:

The main idea is to separate your personal information from things of general interest. So, emails, phone calls and things directed specifically at you go above the status bar, while feeds and public information go below. Then, depending on the situation, you can drag the status bar up or down to indicate what type of information you’re more interested in. The newest entries of each type are prioritized in the layout, so you always see the most recent items possible given the space provided.

Goals for the home screen include:

  • The home screen of your phone should strive to show you as much relevant information as possible.
  • The interface to accomplish this should be information centric, as opposed to application centric. The iPhone is the current best case example of an application centric interface. Almost the entire screen is taken up with beautiful icons that tell you next to nothing. Rather than a number on an icon showing me how many new emails I have, I’d rather see some of those emails.
  • The existing Android design with various widgets on a home screen is visually distracting from the purpose of those widgets: quick access to information. We wanted a uniform look to allow an increase in information density without overwhelming the user.
  • Apply color coding across the entire interface to allow visual grouping of information by type. This also allows for higher information density by providing underlying structure and consistent cues to the user.

Head over the the Larva Labs site to see a video of the new home screen in action.

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  1. eddGuest 6 years ago

    i like it =D ALOT!

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  3. AlexGuest 6 years ago

    Looks pretty good. I’ll wait to see if its worth replacing SenseUI with on my Hero.

  4. PowershotGuest 6 years ago

    great looking home screen, i like it

  5. StefanGuest 6 years ago

    Excellent. Any idea on when there would be a release?

  6. nEx.SoftwareGuest 6 years ago

    I personally don’t think this would work for me… But to each his own I guess.

  7. prmd142Guest 6 years ago

    no matter what you do, just give an option for the user to revert back to standard android homescreen… i like that just fine… i don’t like to overload my homescreen with info…

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  10. SxyswtwmGuest 6 years ago

    It looks so awsome!! can’t wait to get. anyone know when it will be released??

  11. GunderstormGuest 6 years ago

    Meh. I need another home page process hog like I need a hole in the head.

    Talk to me when I have the powerhouse that (I hope) is the Sholes in my sweaty hand.

  12. Michael MaitlenGuest 6 years ago

    They put a lot of thought into this, looks awesome…not sure if I’d want it on my main home screen, but maybe on a secondary one.

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