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Radiant: Exclusive Android game demo

Hexage is quickly becoming one of our favorite Android game developers because they always deliver the goods. Their first two games (Buka and Totemo) are some of the most polished titles available for the Android platform. Not only do they produce quality games, but they also provide great support. Hexage continues to update their games after they are released to add new gameplay features and extend the replay value.

For their third game, Hexage decided to go retro.

Radiant is an old school shooter that plays tribute to classics like Space Invaders and Asteroids. The controls are ultra simple and the game is all about action. Hexage plans to release the game next Thursday October, 1 2009, but they gave us an exclusive demo to share with our readers.

Download Radiant Lite

Click the link above to download the apk file. You can grab it on your PC and copy it to your SD card or download it directly to your phone. If you need a file manager to install the apk file, we suggest Linda File Manager. If you have any issues downloading the apk file, grab Linda File Manager first and it will get the file correctly.

Radiant (along with Totemo) is entered in the second Android Developers challenge. Get the ADC2 judging application and be on the look out.

For the latest information on Hexage visit their official site or follow them on Twitter @hexage.

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