Sep 08 AT 2:04 PM Taylor Wimberly 40 Comments

Facebook finally lands in the Android Market?

We thought the official Facebook application was launching last month, but it never appeared. That was until today, when it quietly rolled out to the Android Market. Android users can finally download version 1.0 of Facebook for Android.

I’ve played with the app briefly and it looks pretty nice. I’m not a heavy Facebook user so I will have to use the app for awhile to check out all the features. The app comes with a widget, but the size is huge (3×2) and takes up half the screen.

If you are a heavy Facebook user, check out the app and let us know how it stacks up against all the unofficial clients.

Update: So people are still questioning if this is official or not. The app looks real, but the dev info looks a little weird. Guess we will find out later today.

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