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New poll: Will Verizon cripple Android?

I have never been a Verizon customer, but I have considered switching so I could get the new Motorola Sholes. In every article I have posted about Verizon, someone leaves a comment saying that Verizon is going to screw up Android. I don’t want to believe that Verizon will place limits on the Android platform, but they have a long history of crippling other devices.

We have been reporting for several months that Google is working with Motorola and Verizon to launch the first Android 2.0 phone. I’ve also been told that the Sholes device will be a full Google experience phone and feature all the Google Android apps. Given the importance of this major launch, I seriously have a hard time seeing Verizon cripple Android, but I guess anything is possible.

If you have ever been a Verizon customer and would like to weigh in on the issue, we welcome your feedback. Please leave a comment and we will highlight the best responses when poll closes and we post the detailed results.

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