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Will Sprint offer OTA updates for Android?

Sprint will be launching two Android phones in the next 30 days. The HTC Hero will be available October 11 and the Samsung Moment is dropping November 1.

I have spoken with representatives from HTC, Samsung, and Sprint to confirm that the Hero and Moment will ship with Android 1.5. As many of our regular readers know, T-Mobile began rolling out Android 1.6 last week.

So when will the Sprint Android phones get Android 1.6 and how will it be delivered?

According to both companies, there are no current plans to offer Android 1.6 as an over the air update. Samsung has indicated they will offer Android 1.6 in early 2010 and it will be available as a PC download. HTC said the Android 1.6 update is yet to be determined and is also leaning towards an update method involving the PC.

When I asked why OTA updates would not be available, both companies specifically mentioned file size. I found this kind of odd considering T-Mobile has been able to successfully rollout multiple OTA updates on their network.

If these devices will not support Android 1.6 until 2010, then developers will have to make sure their future apps are backwards compatible with Android 1.5.

Sprint phones will also lack the new Android Market that is packaged with Android 1.6. The new quick search box, camera, gesture controls, and all other enhancements will have to wait till 2010.

If you were planning on purchasing an Android phone from Sprint, does the lack of Android 1.6 change your opinion?

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