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Android about to get a lot sweeter

5 years ago 22

We don’t know a lot about the feature set of Android 2.0, but the latest firmware version has started to appear in the wild. Earlier today, Android 2.0 was spotted on the upcoming Motorola phone and now I have more evidence of its existence.

I routinely scan our Google Analytics and Flurry accounts any time a new build is about to be released. I have seen Eclair showing up on the reports since last month, but it wasn’t until this week that I saw 2.0 appearing.

Firmware version 2.0 started appearing this week in my reports.

This tells me Eclair is essentially finished now that 2.0 is being reported from new Android devices. Google generally waits till the last second before stamping a version number on their dessert named builds.

If you want even more evidence, Android engineer Dan Morrill has uploaded a YouTube video of a giant eclair being unloaded at the Googleplex. According to YouTube, the video was uploaded from an Android phone. The video quality is not perfect, but it tops any Android recorded video I have seen in the past.

It is starting to appear more likely that Verizon and Motorola could surprise us with the first Android 2.0 later this month.

(I’ll share one new feature of Eclair with you. YouTube widget)