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Barnes & Mobile: Android eReader coming next week?

We had been hearing the rumors of Barnes & Noble launching an eReader this holiday season. The device has already passed the FCC and the Wall Street Journal is reporting it will launch next month. This past week Gizmodo claimed it will run Android and is now reporting on an upcoming press event. Barnes & Noble has sent out invitations for a “major event in our company’s history” that is scheduled for October 20, 2009.

Could this be the first Android eReader? Amazon has a lock on the market with their 6 inch Kindle for $259, but the addition of the Android operating system could help Barnes & Noble differentiate their product.

So would anyone buy an eReader powered by Android? What price point would you like to see?

The eReader will feature a 6 in screen, but not much else is known.

The eReader will feature a 6 inch screen, but not much else is known.

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