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First impressions of the Motorola Droid

Motorola refuses to acknowledge that the Verizon Droid (Sholes) exists, but the phone has been pictured by the AP, has ad spots on major TV networks, and now reviewed by BoyGeniusReport.

A full examination is coming and BGR has posted their first impressions to hold you over:

  • It’s running Android 2.0. Duh.
  • It’s thin. Just slightly thicker than an iPhone 3GS and the thinnest QWERTY-slider we’ve ever seen.
  • It is the fastest Android device we’ve ever used. (It’s running a TI OMAP3430 processor)
  • The feel of the device is very reminiscent of the OQO 02 model computer. Just smaller. It’s metal with a non-spring-assisted slide, very sturdy, and half soft-touch plastic.
  • Awesome capacitive display. Plus it’s huge. Easily the best screen we’ve ever seen on an Android handset, and an amazing screen overall.
  • The QWERTY keyboard is actually pretty usable and has a soft-touch rubberized finish. We’ve been told the keyboard design isn’t final on this unit, thus the two no-shows.
  • Have we mentioned this phone flies? It’s the Android device to beat, and easily the most impressive. From what we’ve been told, Google had a direct hand in the Motorola Droid. Something to the point of almost dictating every move Motorola made when designing and making the phone. Interesting, huh?
  • There’s a desktop cradle/charger that will ship with the Motorola Droid that we’ve been playing around with. It turns your Droid into a “multimedia station” and displays local weather, the time, etc.
  • No one wants to listen, but it makes the CLIQ looks like a child’s toy (partly because it is, and partly because the Droid, even in its non-final form, is the most impressive phone we’ve used since the iPhone. It’s positively amazing).

Overall, there are not any surprises that we haven’t reported before. The only new thing I can spot is the gold accents that have been added to the battery cover and directional pad.

One thing BGR fails to mention is the camera flash. It is easily one of the brightest flash lights I have seen on a phone and a welcome addition to Android devices. When I first saw the flash I thought it was a xenon bulb, but it is actually powered by dual LEDs.

For more pics, see the BGR gallery.

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