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Google fails to address app storage issue with Droid and Android 2.0

The Motorola Droid will be the most powerful Android phone to date when it launches on November 6, 2009. However, the device still features the same shortcomings of all other Android phones. The Droid ships with a 512 MB ROM which contains only 256 MB available for app storage.

Google does not support installing apps to the SD card (and likely never will), so developers are limited in what they can create.

For most applications, we want a small file size to limit the download times. When it comes to 3D games though, we need a ton of space for all the high-res textures, audio, and video.

Have you seen all the awesome iPhone and iPod Touch games? Hardly any of them would fit on an Android phone. It is not uncommon for popular titles to easily exceed 100 MB. For example, the game Myst takes up a whopping 727MB.

Motorola is going to promote the Droid as a mobile gaming device since it features the OMAP3430 platform which features a dedicated PowerVR SGX 530 GPU. This is the similar type of GPU as what was included with the iPhone 3G S, so we know it can pump out some crazy graphics.

I hope Google and Motorola find a way to resolve this problem, but the real solution is to include larger flash ROMs inside the phones.

Are other handset makers paying attention to this issue?

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