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No Adobe Flash 10 for Android in 2009

We had been expecting Adobe would release a beta version of Flash 10 for Android at this week’s Adobe Max Conference. Instead, Adobe will only be releasing beta versions for Windows Mobile and Palm WebOS.

Android users will have to wait until early 2010.

The Android version of Adobe Flash 10 will be tied to Android 2.0 (Eclair) and require at least a 500-MHz ARM11 processor. Most Android phones include this requirement so we can expect to see Flash 10 eventually available on the G1.

If Adobe is waiting till 2010 to release a beta for Android, does this mean Android 2.0 has been delayed till 2010?

According to Adobe, “Android is taking longer because Adobe needs some programming interfaces that will be available with the Eclair release of Android, due later this year.”

This leads me to believe we might not see any Android 2.0 phones in 2009. Motorola has said they planned on delivering two handsets this holiday season, but has yet to announce their second phone. InformationWeek reported that Verizon is planning to announce their first Android phone in the coming weeks. The phone is widely believed to be from Motorola, but HTC is also rumored to be producing phones for Verizon.

Motorola is holding a developers event this week, but I think the focus will be about their new Motodev Studio and upcoming application store. If we get lucky, maybe we can get our hands on an early unit, but I would not be surprised if the highly anticipated device was a no show.

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