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Verizon to unveil Motorola Droid on October 30

On October 6, Verizon announced a strategic partnership with Google to sell Android phones, but they failed to announce any products. It was widely believed that Motorola would provide the first Android phone for Verizon (who’s CEO Lowell McAdam was pictured with the secret device). After an endless stream of leaks for the Motorola phone, Verizon has launched a teaser campaign for the first Android 2.0 device.

Droiddoes.com is the new promo site for the Motorola Droid (Sholes). Verizon continues their direct attack on Apple and mocks the iPhone as the iDont.

The ad spot has begun running on TV and highlights all of the iPhone’s shortcomings:

  • iDon’t have a real keyboard.
  • iDon’t run simultaneous apps.
  • iDon’t take night shots.
  • iDon’t allow open development.
  • iDon’t customize.
  • iDon’t run widgets.
  • iDon’t have interchangeable batteries.
  • Everything iDon’t

At the end of the teaser video, users are told to visit Droiddoes.com and the month Novebmer is flashed across the screen. The website is pretty vague and make no mention of Motorola, but it is pretty obvious what device they are trying to hype.

The following key features of the Motorola Droid are slowly rotated across the teaser site:

  • Multitasking
  • High speed
  • Hi-res
  • 5 megapixels
  • Android 2.0
  • Speech recognition
  • Notification panel
  • Directions
  • Video
  • Tunes
  • 10,000+ apps
  • The Network

At the bottom of the promo site is a countdown. When you view the XML file, you can see the countdown date is October 30, 2009.

Mark you calendar for October 30, 2009.

Mark you calendar for October 30, 2009.

Since the promo video specifically mentions November, I would expect that October 30 might bring more details and the availability of the pre-order.

[Thank you apotropaics for the tip]

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