Nov 16 AT 5:51 PM Eric Weiss 27 Comments

Adobe Mobile: Why did they bother?

Photoshop is a very powerful graphic editing tool. So powerful and universally used in fact that we now have the verb “photoshopped”. This app, though, is not Photoshop as many in the press have called it. It is Mobile and that distinction is important. Photoshop is amazing. is horrible. And now with Adobe Mobile you can take that horridness with you! is Adobe’s answer to Flickr and Picasa. It’s a place to upload, organize and share your photos. It also offers some basic editing of photos but nothing like what Photoshop offers.

As an image editor drives me nuts. For something that is supposed to be aimed at the average user it is not intuitive, doesn’t offer a lot in terms of editing (which is imprecise at best) and with it being online, is slow.

Unfortunately, the mobile app is all that and less.

The editing tools are limited to orientation (crop, straighten, rotate and flip), some color adjustments (exposure, saturation, tint, and convert to black & white), and a soft focus effect. I would have liked some simple effects that people would want and need like a red-eye remover or being able to add text, captions or metadata to the photos.

The ability to upload photos to is great for those with limited space on their phone. A big oversight though is not being able to download your online photos to your device for offline viewing, especially when you consider that there is an option to set online photos as your wallpaper.

And at this point you are probably wondering “Okay, what else is there.” Well, that’s it. Oh wait, it runs in the background constantly. Does that count as a feature?

If you use (Please let me know why you are using it) this is the best (only?) app to send your camera-phone pictures to your account. If you aren’t a user there is nothing here to entice you to start (and probably a few more reasons to avoid it).

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