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Update (11/9): We just received a second email from the developer. “We believe we have ironed out all known bugs, and we support all versions of Android (including 1.5). It is certainly interesting trying to support so many variations of an operating system on so many hardware platforms. Testing on Google Developer phones and in the emulator does not quite cut it.”

Update (11/8): I just heard back from the developer who said, “Only Android 1.6 and newer will have the latest releases of our software available at this time.”

If there was one thing we learned from last week’s HSPA 7.2 rumors, it was Android needs a proper speed testing application. Many mobile sites provide inaccurate results and the limited selection of available apps have not been updated in months. must have been reading our site because they finally ported their popular iPhone application to Android. for Android is the perfect application to test 3G speeds. The app was just released in the last 48 hours and has already been updated several times to fix some bugs. The service works just as one would expect it to. A settings page allows you to change servers, adjust speed measurements, and sort history.

If you have any problems finding the application in the Android Market, please post your carrier and device info. I noticed the app was not showing up on my T-Mobile Cliq, but had no issues on my other Android phones.

I have one suggestion to Please add a share option so users can email or Tweet their results. We would also love to see your new service make its way to Android.

Side note: I’m still not really sure what to think about the recent T-Mobile HSPA 7.2 sightings. One of the reports was running a Nokia n900 and the other was using a G1 (which I have no way to confirm.) I would love to know how T-Mobile, AT&T, and Sprint’s 3G network compare so post some screen shots if you got them.

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