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Twidroid continues to be the best Android Twitter client

I have only been using Twitter for less than a year and somehow I have the “Most Influential” account when it comes to Android. Way back in March when I first began using Twitter, I proclaimed Twidroid was The Best Android Twitter Client. Since that time, Twidroid has released around 1,482 updates and it continues to improve each month.

As an Android enthusiast, I love the way Twidroid continually updates their release notes. Anyone can see just how active the developers are and they have recently began including a roadmap of upcoming features.

The next major update due in December should include:

  • new: threaded conversations
  • new: remember timeline position setting
  • new: single tweet view with extended infos (geo, report to spam etc.)
  • new: offline tweets [~2.9]
  • new interface language: chinese

I also like how Twidroid is available in two versions: Free and Pro. I prefer the Pro version for its full featured lists support, multiple account management, desktop widgets, and themes (For a full comparison see their features list). The Pro version will cost you around $5, but if you are a heavy Twitter user I would definitely recommend it.

Twidroid has also been helpful for other application developers as well. They recently announced they support plugins so other apps can integrate with their service.

We’re happy to announce that we will soon provide a mechanism for Android developers to build plugins that use Twidroid as a platform for all Twitter-related communication and enhance the feature set for end-users. Our first example will be a native Google Maps integration for individual Tweets as not all currently available devices are equipped with native capabilities for viewing maps. We’ll provide further infos in the next weeks.

I know there are a million different Twitter clients for Android, but Twidroid has consistently been the best over the last year. Our readers agree too, since they voted it as the Best Twitter App during our last Android Network Awards.

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