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Sprint: No OTA updates for Android phones

We have written extensively about the Sprint OTA issue and have been working tirelessly to get an official statement from Sprint. Both of their Android phones are shipping with the outdated Android 1.5 (no new Android Market) and many customers are curious when their devices will get updated and how the process will work.

After quite a few emails, I was able to get the following response from Sprint (Thank you!).

Thanks for your inquiry. We are currently working through the options with the manufacturing partners.

Well that answer was a little disappointing, but at least we got their attention and they are aware that this is an important issue to Android users.

After a little more digging, I was able to locate the chat log from a discussion with David Owens, VP of Consumer Marketing, who recently sat down to answer questions from customers.

Check out what he had to say about Android updates:

Chat logs from

Chat logs from

As you can see, Mr. Owens mentions the same size limitations we have talked about before and confirms the initial updates will be wired. I have been told that Sprint limits OTA updates to 10 MB because of legal reasons. The OTA update process for Sprint leaves the phone unusable, which would prevent a customer from dialing 911.

We are still waiting to hear of an official time frame for any Android updates and will update you when new information is available. It is rumored that Sprint will skip Android 1.6 and choose to focus on Android 2.0 instead. A developer from Samsung said Android 2.0 might not be available on the Moment until 2010, but let’s wait a little while and see if Sprint provides more details.

There is nothing wrong with providing wired updates (and I wish T-Mobile would offer this option), but we think it is in the communities best interest for Sprint to eventually provide OTA updates. This would ensure that all the non-techies receive the updates in a timely manner and prevent them from getting stuck with an outdated operating system.

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