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Has the T-Mobile HSPA 7.2 rollout begun? Yes! Confirmed.

Update (12:30 AM EST): I have heard there are only a few markets where this is being tested. If you don’t have it yet, don’t worry. There is no official schedule for the rollout yet. We only know it will happen before the end of the year. I apologize if I caused any confusion.

Update (11:35 PM EST): Another good report coming in from Chicago, IL via advil0 on Twitter.

Performed on a T-Mobile G1.

Performed on a T-Mobile G1.

Update (11:30 PM EST): Ok here is the first believable result I have seen. It was reported in New York, NY via thenokiablog on Twitter.

Performed on a Nokia N900.

Performed on a Nokia N900.

Update (11:20 PM EST): I truly believe we have a false alarm. I have seen no believable results over 1.8 Mbps. Look below for the images I want to see. I want a tethered result from

Show me over 1.8 Mbps and you win.

Show me over 1.8 Mbps and you win.

Update (11:15 PM EST): We believe many of the reports coming in are false alarms. I do not want results from or Someone show me results from the Xtreme Labs app or tethered results with

Update (11:00 PM EST): Some of the reports coming in might have been false. Sites like are reporting the wrong values. I have been unable to confirm any speed boost here in Texas.

Update (10:30 PM EST): Reports are coming in from New Jersey, Chicago, Minnesota, Virginia, Arizon, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Washington, Michigan, New York and some other areas. Adding videos and pics right now.

We have received a lot of rumors regarding the recent T-Mobile network outage. Some people have said they were told it was a “network upgrade” and others said it was “software upgrade”. According to T-Mobile only 5% of customers were affected, but it appears a large portion of those people had 3G phones.

Earlier today we reported that T-Mobile’s HSPA 7.2 upgrade was still on track for 2009.

One of our readers Ted left an interesting comment:

HSPA has been lit up in Chicago! I just tested it and got 6.8 Mbps!

We have no way to actually confirm this, so I’m turning to our wonderful community and asking for your help. I am aware that T-Mobile is testing HSPA+ in Philadelphia, but have yet to hear of any additional markets.

Download the Xtreme Labs Speedtest and post your results (make sure WiFi is turned off). Run the test a couple times and share what you find.

If your phone is rooted, tether it to your laptop/netbook and try running a test on I have found I received much higher download speeds when tethered vs. just testing on an actual device.

Please post your results in the following format:

Carrier and phone
Max download
Max upload


T-Mobile myTouch 3G
Corpus Christi, TX
Download: 531.4 Kbps
Upload: 134.1 Kbps

If you are lucky enough to actually find speeds above 2+ Mbps, send me proof via our tip line and I will have a special reward for you.

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