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Another successful iPhone-centric studio sets sites on Android

We got an email this morning from ustwo™ announcing their entry into the Android market with MouthOff™, a goofy, cartoon-inspired sound-reactive toy featuring mouths illustrated by a slew of guest artists.

Since its original release, MouthOff™ has added a number of new mouth packs (including a signature series, hell-oween, etc) and even has its own community site, ShowUsYourMouthOff™, where users can share videos of themselves or others using the app.

While it may not be a game-changing app, it sure is nice to see another iPhone centric design studio move onto the Android platform. As a designer (and a super picky one at that), the things getting me most excited are the design chops displayed all over their sites.

ustwo™, as you may have guessed from the curious overuse of the trademark symbol, is in the business of what they call coollectable™ apps. It’s a silly angle but it’s refreshing to see someone with such a sense of humor. MouthOff™ is the only Android application in the market from ustwo™ at the moment, but their iPhone app site shows a handful of apps we might see show up on Android some time down the line:

MouthOff™ is our undying child, an app so beloved by every of us, that we just cant let it go. The Android Market has a big future, and we surely don’t want to miss that boat, so it was a simple decision to port MouthOff™ on this emerging platform, thus proving our abilities as a multi-platform studio. -Mill, creative director at ustwo™

Hold it in front of your face and yell at your friends

Hold it in front of your face and yell at your friends, they'll love it

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