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Google Phone rumors resurface. Good or bad for Android?

Last month, reported Google was planning to release their own unlocked Android phone direct to retailers. Many people attacked the author of the report and criticized the rumor because they thought there was no way Google would actually consider such an option.

I believed the rumor and speculated Walmart could be their retail partner. We tried to get a comment from Google and were met with, “We do not comment on market rumor or speculation.”

Ten days later, CNET posted a story titled “Google: We’re not making Android hardware” and the rumor slowly faded away. They based their report on a conversation with Andy Rubin, vice president of engineering for Android at Google.

“We’re not making hardware,” Rubin said. “We’re enabling other people to build hardware.”

Today, I awoke to a new story from TechCrunch founder Michael Arrington: “The Google Phone Is Very Real. And It’s Coming Soon.”

His report is void of any hard facts, but I tend to believe Mr. Arrington is pretty credible. I’m still a rookie in the blogging world, but I fully understand what happens when someone gives you exciting info and you are unable to reveal your sources. My point is, he wrote the article for a good reason and he most likely believes what he is reporting on.

Details of the Google Phone are scarce, but it is now rumored the device slipped from this holiday season and will ship in early 2010. It is believed to be manufactured by a Korean company, LG or Samsung, with Mr. Arrington believing Google has chosen LG. A huge marketing push is expected for January.

Based on what I know about Google they want to run the New World Order I believe the rumor and I actually applaud them for having the balls to move forward on such a decision.

If Google tried to pull this move last year, it would have not went over well. All the handset makers might not have backed Android if they knew Google was going to be competing against them. Now some of the largest handset companies have sold their soul to Google are committed to Android and it would be disastrous for them to retool their plans.

I’m all for competition, but it worries me how the Android operating system is being developed behind closed doors. Certain companies of the OHA obviously had preferred status and were allowed early access to Android 2.0 before everyone else. If Google brands their own phone, they will certainly have the upper hand when it comes to the latest versions of Android (most of the Android engineers have checks signed by Google).

All of the sudden, Google’s takeover of Gizmo5 is starting to make a lot more sense. Here is another hint: Qaulcomm Gobi.

I’m really curious to hear what our readers think. Is Google playing their hand too early? Will this piss off other companies? Would you purchase a Google Phone? What price point would you like to see the device sell for? What missing features do you want Google to add to their phone?

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