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Sprint: “Ok let’s just jump to Android 2.1″

Last week, Sprint said they would be delivering Android 2.0 to their HTC Hero and Samsung Moment phones and now they have clarified that to mean Android 2.1. We originally expected Android 2.0 was developed specifically for the Motorola Droid and I still believe that to be true.

Google’s new Android phone the Nexus One should be the first device sold with Android 2.1 and we think other handsets slated for 2.x will also run this latest version.

Sprint has been a little iffy on how the updates would be rolled out, but it sounds like they will be wired from a PC. Customers should also be able to take their phones to a Sprint store (when the update is available) and have the upgrade performed for them.

Since we have been given a very specific launch date of 1H 2010, it could be awhile before this gets pushed out the door. A representative from Samsung told us not to expect Android 2.x on the Moment until Q2 2010 and it looks like his prediction could turn out to be true.

At least Sprint customers can be assured their new Android phones will be updated. We are still waiting on official confirmation from T-Mobile about the plan for their current Android models.

What do you guys think about carriers skipping whole updates like Android 1.6, Android 2.0, and future versions of the operating system?

Source: Twitter @sprint

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