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Like Boggle? Try WordUp!

Need to pass the time, or feel like trying a new game? You may want to try WordUp!, a Boggle-like Android game.

Clark and I like to go out, but we always end up with some dead time here and there, and that’s how we discovered WordUp!. Typing out the name makes me think of that hilarious song by Cameo, but don’t let that deter you!

It’s really simple. Once you’re playing just trace a path between letters that touch in any direction (diagonal too) to make words (they have to be at least 3-letter words). Each puzzle has a different amount of words that can be found, and the percentage of those that you find in the given time determines your points. The longer the word you find, the better your points will be.

I have been getting more and more addicted to this game, and still my highest score is only 35%. The thing that keeps me hooked is how at the end of the game, you can press “Show All Words” and it highlights every word you found among a list of everything you missed, which usually shows a handful of words that seem disappointingly obvious once the game is over. I do feel like this step helps you recognize the patterns in which words are found at times, so it helps you find words in later games that you may have overlooked before. One way I don’t think I’ll ever improve is knowing to look for words like, “ayin” or “coati.” Do any of you use those words in your regular vocabulary? Despite the oddballs, it is still really fun, and I find myself guessing at those oddball words from time to time and sometimes getting it right!

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If you’re interested, scan the QR code above. I’ve just been playing the free version, because the ads are extremely easy to ignore. Don’t go beating my score now.

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