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Carrier billing for paid apps only allowed on Android 1.6+

T-Mobile began rolling out an Android Market update to allow new payment options, but it will only be available on phones with Android 1.6 and above. The Motorola CLIQ and Samsung Behold II, which operate on the outdated Android 1.5, will continue billing only through Google Checkout.

The rollout schedule has also been adjusted. T-Mobile originally planned to have the update completed by December 30, but that has been changed to “early January”.

There have been no official press releases for the new payment options and I’m going to assume T-Mobile is still working out the details on how it will work. (ex. What is to stop my teenager from downloading a ton of apps and hiking up my bill?)

We have been unable to confirm the carrier billing options with screens. The new payment options are available to Android Market clients greater than 1660.

The new Android Market (that includes screenshots) has been available since September and it has always been limited to Android 1.6 and higher.

The last time we reached out to T-Mobile and asked them about Android 2.0 we received the following response.

“T-Mobile is coordinating with Google to deliver Android 2.0. We will let you know when we have more details to share.”T-Mobile USA

There has been no guarantee that existing T-Mobile phones will be updated to Android 2.x.

We believe the carrier should be responsible for updating their phones, but T-Mobile directed us to Motorola when we questioned them about the CLIQ being updated. Let’s hope that the rumor CLIQ is stuck on Android 1.5 turns out to be false.

Samsung stated (via YouTube) that they intende to update the Behold II to Android 2.0. We have no time frame for said update so I would not hold my breath.

Source: T-Mobile forums

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