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Hands on the Nook, unboxing and initial thoughts (photos + video)

The Nook has finally arrived. And while a full review is still on the way, today we thought we’d better get up an unboxing with initial impressions and photos of the hottest e-reader on the market this Christmas season.

It arrived late last night via UPS and we’ve only just opened it and played with a short period of time but so far I’m impressed. It feels very svelte and sturdy in my hands. All the buttons seemed to be in natural places and the e-ink screen looks just phenomenal. It looks sharp and clean from all angles. Overall the unit feels rather petite, although I’ve never used a Kindle so I don’t really have a real point of comparison.

The color touch-screen down below is a nice bonus. Seeing the covers of the books and being able to swipe through large lists is a definite plus.

The Nook isn’t the snappiest though, the boot-up and first load of some titles requires some patience. Thankfully this should improve with future software updates. The e-ink screen flickers a tiny bit when refreshing but the annoyance is minimal.

Below you’ll find a 10 minute walk-through of Taylor first opening his Nook and a gallery of Nook photos (full flickr set here). In the next few days we hope to shoot some more video of this thing and get a full review online. Let us know if there are any specific sequences you’d like to see on video or any points you’d like us to test or cover in the review and we’ll do our best to answer everyone.

Currently the Nook is back-ordered but Barnes & Noble is scheduled to send out the next round on January 11 (subject to change of course). Remember, the sooner you order a Nook, the sooner you are likely to receive it.

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