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More Nexus One hands on impressions

As we approach the rumored launch date of January 5, 2010, more details are coming out every day about the Nexus One. Engadget posted the full specs earlier today and now Gizmodo has some hands on impressions up. We believe the author of the post (Jason Chen) is an iPhone user, but he proceeds to tell us that the Nexus One is the Droid-killer.

It (Nexus One) basically beats the hell out of the Droid.Jason ChenGizmodo

Highlights of his impressions include:

  • You can call the design the antithesis of the Droid: smooth, curved, and light, instead of hard, square and pointy.
  • Even though the screen is the same size and same resolution as the Droid, it’s noticeably better.
  • The Nexus One is astonishingly faster than the Droid.
  • The 5-megapixel camera is nice, and the flash works well enough for a flash on a phone, but it’s not spectacular.
  • There’s no multitouch in the browser or in the map, but I think at this point that’s more of a legal consideration than a technical one.

For the full report, head over to Gizmodo and read their findings. We also included the blurry, video walk through that has been making the rounds across the tubes.

Source: Gizmodo

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