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My Life with Andy – Getting to Know You


Getting to know you, getting to know all about youuuu.

We’ve all been there. You crack open that new phone and eagerly explore it’s features and capabilities. You try things that would’ve made your old phone cry. But in all the glee you still hit a wall. You try to visit a flash site. Misstep. Your favorite app gets an update and you get a non-stop stream of force closes. Fail.

After the newness wears off, though, you are left with a comfortable sense of exactly what to expect from your Android. A trusty companion in my pocket fetching my emails, loading my tweets, playing my games, changing the way I communicate.

Getting to like you, Getting to hope you like me. Getting to know you, putting it my way, But nicely, You are precisely, My cup of tea.

My Life with Andy is an Android webcomic produced by Angie and Clark.

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