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New Facebook app thankfully appears for Android users

Love it or hate it – Facebook is still a giant; and in case you haven’t caught wind of it yet, they have released a new app for Android users. The new app has improved common Facebook features (that were somewhat of a nightmare before when using their mobile site), but I’m hoping that more changes will keep rolling in to make it better and easier to use.

If you get the app and take a look around, you will really notice layout improvements that have helped the content breathe a lot better. In using the mobile site, I really got frustrated a lot with how often links were sandwiched together (last image in gallery below) to where it was almost always an issue of having to go back and try to click the link you actually wanted. With the app, you get a lot more of what you would need to browse through your friends, news feed, profile, wall – all that good stuff – with much less effort.

Facebook app home screen

Facebook app home screen

My favorite improvement so far is the home screen. It gives you six simple icons for your News feed, Friends, Photos, Profile, Notifications, and taking a photo. The gallery below goes through each one to show what all they have to offer, which again, I’m really happy with the layout improvements they have made overall. It just always helps to have a customized experience.

Another thing I really enjoy using now is the Photos section. Once you click into an album, the images get about as large as possible on the screen, with navigation that appears over the image once you touch the screen. Comments also float over the image, which is nice to see, since that also allows for the image to really be the hero.

Of course there are a few pitfalls users have been noticing, but these issues are still being confirmed with Facebook.

For one, you can’t access your Inbox to send or receive messages. And there isn’t support for Events, either.. Jason Kincaidon TechCrunch

fan page link doesn't work

Fan page link doesn't work

As for my own issues, I was unable to access our fan page through the app, or even through the mobile site. I tried a few things to find access to it, by placing a link on my wall and placing a link in my status, but whenever I clicked them, I was always taken to the home page of the mobile site. Also, whenever I tested the “Take photo” option on the app’s home screen, everything worked well, except for when I clicked on the image I uploaded it took me back to the mobile site.

However, I don’t think these small gripes are at all overshadowing the other steps they have taken to improve the use of their site. I am not the most frequent user of Facebook, but as far as what I do use it for I’m definitely happy with the changes. Of course, we always love to hear your personal experiences, so please share if you have any suggestions for future updates, or comments on the existing app.

Via: TechCrunch

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