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Google’s plan to market the Nexus One? Adsense

During today’s Google press conference, one of the reporters asked “What is the marketing strategy for the Nexus One?” Could we see actual devices in retail stores? Will Google advertise the phone on their homepage?

Google simply responded they would market the phone through the web and do without demo units in T-Mobile stores.

As many of you already know, Google is an advertising company and makes billions from ad revenue every year. Their popular Adsense/Adwords program is responsible for many of the ads served on this page (and millions of others).

Since Google controls one of the largest ad networks (heck they are probably #1), why not use their existing resources to promote the device?

That is exactly their strategy. Shortly after the Nexus One went on sale, I noticed ads began appearing on our site. After digging around in my Adsense account, it looks like the ads are targeted to our domain, but I would expect they are also keyword triggered and you will be seeing them all over the web.

If you spot any other interesting Nexus One promotions, please let us know.

Nexus One ads.

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