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Motorola MOTOSPLIT competes for whackiest Android phone

In a sea of Android phones that all look alike and feature the same specs, it has been refreshing to see Motorola shake things up with some innovative form factors. First we got the Backflip (see hands on video) which featured a reverse flip keyboard and now we have the MOTOSPLIT.

Engadget just posted the first render and details of the Motorola MOTOSPLIT which features a split qwerty keyboard. The device is said to be powered by the Snapdragon platform and it headed to AT&T in Q3 2010.

A lot of these prototypes never see the light of day, but everything sounds credible so far. We know AT&T is ready to support Android and has at least five Android phones planned. One of those phones is the Backflip so it makes sense Motorola would continue their relationship with the carrier and launch another device later this year. We also know that Motorola plans to launch between 20-30 Android devices in 2010.

Motorola has yet to launch a Snapdragon-powered Android phone, but we have seen hints in the CLIQ source code that lead us to believe they have been working with Snapdragon for awhile.

As cool as the split keyboard design is, this is not the first time a handset maker has done this. Some of you may remember the Nokia E70 which featured a similar layout.

The Nokia E70 featured a similar split keyboard.

Source: Engadget

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