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Seesmic for Android adds multi account support and more

Seesmic for Android was released several months ago and it was met with many positive reviews. I’ve used the Twitter app on and off, but I stuck with Twidroid as my default client because of its multi account support.

We had the pleasure of meeting Seesmic founder Loic Le Meur at CES and I personally begged him for multi account support. It appears quite a few other people requested the feature as well, because Seesmic just updated to version 1.2 and added multi accounts along with a host of other new functions.

Changes for the latest version of Seesmic include:

  • Multi accounts
  • Remember scroll position
  • Adding an Extra Large text size option
  • Your profile information (avatar, number of following and followers,…) will now be updated automatically
  • Changing your Twitter account password will now be handled by the application
  • Composer now auto-corrects and auto-capitalize your words and sentences
  • Notifications are now cleared when the application is accessed from Launcher
  • Easily changing default account from the application’s Settings
  • Can remove a Twitter account simply by pressing on it

I had the chance to test out the latest client and it handles multiple accounts quite well. Users can add as many accounts as they want and then jump between them using the menu button.

It would be nice to have a unified inbox like Twidroid, but keeping the accounts separate can also have its benefits. One advantage that Seesmic has over Twidroid is the ability to easily cross post a message to multiple accounts by checking them off on compose screen. (Speaking of the compost screen, Seesmic beats Twidroid hands down with its layout.)

If you tried the first release of Seesmic and were unimpressed, give the latest version a try and let us know what you think. Don’t forget to drop by the official feedback page and give your input and feature requests.

We have to give Seesmic credit for keeping all their Twitter clients relevant while continuing to pump out updates. From Android to the web to the new Look (Twitter for the Oprah crowd), Seesmic is able to service a wide scope of users and they show no sign of slowing down.

Loic Le Meur

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