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Android 2.1 update moved up from Q2 to Q1

Have you been counting down the days till your carrier rolls out Android 2.1 to your device?

The vast majority of Android owners don’t even know what OTA stands for (over the air), but if you read this blog you know what is in store. Android 2.1 will bring the millions of current Android phone owners full multitouch, Adobe Flash 10.1 support, full Buzz support, multi-accounts (and oh so much more).

There was a lot of finger pointing confusion over which devices would receive Android 2.1, but most of the carriers and handset makers came clean and announced their support. It looks like all Android phones in the United States will be getting Android 2.1, except maybe the G1 which hangs in the balance (doesn’t look good).

We reported back at CTIA (before the Droid or Android 2.0 was announced) that other phones would not receive an update to Android 2.0 till Q2 2010. Some people called us crazy at first, but that is the timeline most carriers have given when announcing their support.

The first signs of an actual update came when Sprint revealed they were testing the Android 2.1 update and were making great progress. Sprint stuck with their 1H 2010 schedule, but hinted at an early release by saying they were making great progress and might deliver well within that time frame.

Now new reports are piling on the rumor that an Android 2.1 upgrade might be available earlier than we expected it.

BGR claims the T-Mobile CLIQ will get Android 2.1 in March, Engadget reported the HTC Hero will get Android 2.1 with the new Sense UI in mid-march, and the Verizon Droid could see the update within the next week.

We want to thank all the carriers for keeping us up to date and we will be including the best estimates for upgrade dates in our pending phones database.

The only question left is, “What happens to the T-Mobile G1?” Does it still deserve an upgrade or is it time to put the phone to rest?

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