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Droid does updates: Android 2.1 coming to a Droid near you

Droid does updates: Android 2.1 coming to a Droid near you

Motorola has announced via their Facebook Wall that beginning later this week the Droid will be receiving the long-awaited Android 2.1 update. All is not lost Cliq and Devour owners, the post goes on to say that “we will have more information to share on other device upgrades later this week as well.”

But before everyone runs to get their party hats and balloons there is a slightly worrisome rumor over on Engadget regarding the contents of the Droid’s forthcoming update. Their tipster indicated that while many of the Android 2.1 updates were present (multitouch enabled browser, news widget, and weather widget), some of the eye candy was lost. The presence or absence of the new Gallery was not mentioned, but notably missing from the update were the 3D icon grid which replaced the existing “drawer” interface and the active wallpapers.

Now while it would probably be understandable if some of the less powerful Android devices presently on the market were unable to fully incorporate all of the 2.1 updates, the Droid was released as the top dog just 3 months ago and yet could find itself by the end of the week unable to run Android’s full operating system. Clearly these graphical touches are not integral parts of the OS, but nonetheless it would seem a bit early for the Droid to be put out to pasture unable to run with the big boys any longer.

Droid owners will find out in just a few short days if they get to enjoy the whole Eclair or if it’s missing its creamy center.

Via: Engadget

Source: Motorola Facebook Wall

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