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Father of Linux is a happy camper with his Nexus One


Linus Torvalds is a Finnish software engineer best known for starting the development of the Linux kernel. He generally hates phones, but he just blogged that he purchased a Nexus One and is a happy camper so far. He loves the concept of having a phone that runs Linux and thinks the N1 is a winner. Linus admits he was hesitant about purchasing the phone online, but made the jump after reading about the recent pinch-zoom upgrade.

The chief architect of the Linux kernel also addressed the recent removal of Android from the Linux tree as of the 2.6.33 kernel release.

I don’t worry about out-of-tree development for odd devices too much. I wish we could merge Android, but I also accept it likely being a few years away. We had similar out-of-tree issues with the SGI extreme scalability stuff, and it took quite a while before the standard kernel merged all of that.Linus Torvalds

Linus also purchased the G1 when it came out, but he hardly ever used it. He confesses to prefer the N1 because it is thin-and-light. When addressing the lack of a keyboard he said, “I did like having a physical keyboard on the G1, but voice search for the navigation actually seems to work pretty well.”

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Source: Linus' blog

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