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HTC Legend clears the FCC with GSM

Update: Some sites are claiming this device doesn’t do 3G so maybe I’m an idiot and can’t decipher FCC documents.

The unibody aluminum shell of the HTC Legend has made it one of the most anticipated mid-level Android phones. None of the United States carriers have announced it yet (they are waiting for CTIA), but we have a good idea of who could launch the device first.

Newly discovered documents on the FCC’s site indicate the HTC Legend could be headed to AT&T.

Earlier today, NewMobile posted an interesting article that demonstrated how to remove the battery from the HTC Legend. Another site AndroPhones ran the story and matched up the FCC label with this FCC filing for a new HTC phone. They concluded the unknown HTC device was the Legned because the FCC label shape and text is identical (we agree).

What the other sites failed to mention, is that this device was tested on UMTS/W-CDMA bands II and V (1900/850), which are the same 3G bands used by AT&T. The phone was tested on GSM 850/1900 which is completely different than W-CDMA. Both AT&T and T-Mobile utilize a GSM network for voice.

AT&T has already announced they will launch five Android phones, with at least one exclusive device coming from HTC. We have yet to hear of any specific HTC models, but it makes perfect sense that AT&T would want the Legend.

The HTC Legend is expected to launch in Europe next month, so a U.S. date could be right around the corner. Look to the CTIA show starting March 23rd for most of the carriers to reveal their Q2 2010 lineup.

For more on the HTC Legend, watch our hands on video from MWC.

Via: AndroPhones

Source: FCC

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