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Keeping the Kids Occupied: Psym Mobile’s Abduction! World Attack

As I sat in the line at the bank the other day, child by my side, it occurred to me how awesome Android phones are. You see, there was no whining. No, “Get back here!”. No “Hey, don’t touch that”. All I heard was the soft beeps and chimes of my dear MyTouch as my five year old tapped happily away at its screen. Off in the distance of the lobby, my friend’s children sat on the floor, fixated watching the latest Pixar movie on a tiny 3 inch display.

In all the hoopla over neat technological features, it seems that Android as a parental sanity device really seems to have fallen under the radar. With that in mind, my aim here is to present humble game reviews. Not just from me, but from the eyes, ears and attention spans of my children. We begin this series with the Goodness children top game game of the moment.

Abduction! World Attack

by Psym Mobile

Without question, this is the first game asked for when the phone is pulled out. Depending on the age, its either “Daddy can I play Abduction?”, or simply “The Cow Game! The Cow Game!”.

Abduction is a relatively simple platform jumper. You star as a cute little cow (and later other animal buddies), on a quest to save your friends from the clutches of evil aliens, bent on, well, abducting. And how do you do that? By jumping on platforms up to the sky of course! I won’t spoil the riveting level endings, but I can say that along the way your little bovine hero will collect power ups, avoid platform dangers, and save his buddies who parachute down to safety.

All of this is accomplished using the phone accelerometer. To control your cow, you simply tilt the phone one way or the other to make sure that you land on the platforms, working your way towards space and the alien ships. And that, parents, is the beauty of this game. There are no difficult control schemes to learn, so kids are able to begin playing with little or no learning curve.

With several levels of difficulty, it manages to keep all age spans occupied (myself included). The market has both a free version (which keeps the young kids entertained for short spurts), and a paid version with a quest and more surprises that I recommend for those children who can stay on a single task for longer than 5 minutes.

This game works great for kids age 3.5 and up, and if you want that next grocery trip to be a smooth one, I recommend you pick it up today.

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