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Myriad Dalvik Turbo boost Android performance 2-3x (Video)

5 years ago 7

Last week we touched on the new Dalvik Turbo virtual machine from Myriad and now Engadget has captured a demo on video. The new Dalvik engine is supposed to offer performance improvements of two to three times depending on the application.

This could be great news for older Android phones, except you won’t be able to download or purchase the Dalvik Turbo engine. Instead, Myriad will work with carriers and manufacturers to implement the new software into their firmware.

Details are still scarce about what technology Myriad is using to achieve such results. I experienced a similar performance boost in benchmarks on my Nexus One using an experimental kernel that included JIT (just-in-tim compliation), which converts code at runtime prior to executing it natively. It was pretty unstable when I tested it, but Myiad and their team of engineers might have perfected it.