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Nexus One gets an OTA update, pinch zoom & 3G fix

Today on Google’s Nexus One blog an OTA update was announced and is reportedly being rolled out as your read this. The update adds new features to Google Maps, adds pinch zoom to the browser, maps, and gallery, adds Google Goggles to the device, and fixes the previously reported 3G issue.

From the Google page:

Starting today, Nexus One users will begin to receive an over-the-air software update on their phones. This update provides some great new features, and fixes a few problems that some users might have experienced, including:

Google Goggles: this mobile application will now be available directly on your device by launching it from your All Apps menu. Just use your Nexus One camera to start searching the web

Google Maps: the Maps application with be updated to a new version, Google Maps 3.4, which will include:

  • Starred items synchronized with maps.google.com – access your favorite places from your phone or computer
  • Search suggestions from your personal maps.google.com history – makes it easy to search for places you’ve searched for before
  • Night mode in Google Maps Navigation – automatically changes your screen at night for easier viewing and driving

Pinch-to-zoom functionality: devices will now include a new pinch-to-zoom mechanism in the phone’s Browser, Gallery and Maps applications

3G connectivity: we will provide a general fix to help improve 3G connectivity on some Nexus One phones

In order to access the update, you will receive a message on your phone’s notification bar. Just download the update, wait for it to install, and you should be all set. This update will be rolled out gradually to phones – and most users might not receive the notification until the end of the week. We hope you enjoy these new features and look forward to your feedback.Nexus One blog

Have any of our users started to receive the update? We own two Nexus devices but neither has received the update. Once one of our phones gets the update we’ll post a video demo of our shiny, new, pinch-to-zoom goodness…

Via: @blamedesign

Source: Google Nexus One Blog

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