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Review roundup: Verizon Motorola Devour

One of these days a carrier will actually send us a demo phone to review. Until then, we will continue to post our review roundups to see what other sites are saying.

The Verizon Devour is the carrier’s second Motorola Android phone and their first to feature Motoblur. The phone is now available exclusively at Best Buy for $99 (with 2 year contract) with a full launch in all channels on March 15.

Spec wise, this is a mid-range Android phone and it features the outdated Android 1.6. However, it is the first Android phone to feature the 600 MHz Qualcomm MSM7627 processor, which has a 200 MHz graphics core. Most of the upcoming mid-range Android phones feature the lesser 600 MHz Qualcomm MSM7227 (which lacks the dedicated GPU) so the Devour will have a leg up in the gaming department.

With the recent news that Flash 10.1 will require at least an ARM Cortex class processor, you might want to consider the Verizon Droid which Best Buy is also selling for $99 (with 2yr contract). The Motorola Droid tops the Devour in every category and it comes with Android 2.0.1 (soon to be Android 2.1).

Unless you just love the form factor of the Devour, I see no way I can recommend it over the Droid.

Reviews are up at:

  • Mobile Crunch: “The Devour is a fashion-forward social media phone. The Droid is a “geek” phone or, if you like, an app phone. However, the Devour is clearly aimed at a less geeky consumer.”
  • Gizmodo: “But as Motoblur has inched forward, Android has outpaced it. And unfortunately its stablemate, the Droid, is one of the best exemplars of why you don’t need to mess with Android. What you’re getting with the Devour, then, is a downgraded Droid.”
  • Phandroid: “Unfortunately, the Devour suffers an odd fate: it is made by the same manufacturer, provided on the same carrier, and has the same form factor as the Motorola Droid which clearly dominates the Devour in terms of specs not to mention its currently the most popular Android Phone on the market.”
  • ZDNet: “The Motorola Devour had me at hello. It’s not just the aggressive name, either. At first glance, the Devour appears to be the hardware that the Motorola Droid was not quite – that is, the next chapter of Motorola’s signature industrial design that struck such a chord with the classic Razr flip phone.”
  • SlashGear: “The DEVOUR’s 3-megapixel camera drops not only pixels but also autofocus from the DROID, resulting in mediocre images that tend towards the blurred and have muted, washed out colors.”
  • NY Times: “It has a name that suggests it will eat the competition for breakfast, but despite a sprinkling of positives Motorola’s new Devour smart phone left me hungry for something more.”

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