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T-Mobile pushes out minor updates to Behold II and CLIQ

Consider this a tease. T-Mobile began a phased roll-out for two of their Android phones this week, but they are both still stuck with Android 1.5. The carrier plans to eventually have Android 2.1 updates, but those will not be ready till Q2 2010. In the mean time, customers can enjoy improved battery live, new boot screen animations, and Where’s Waldo.

Samsung Behold II

TmoNews is reporting the Behold II update should start rolling out between February 18th and February 25th. Customers who purchase the phone after February 26th should receive the update later, as it will be pushed weekly to new buyers.

Known issues solved:

  • Bluetooth error: Unable to Pair or Unable to connect device
  • Battery indicator may display more charge than the phone has
  • Holding menu opens keypad, but does not respond, now goes to contacts
  • Phone constantly vibrates
  • Memory card un-mounts and re-mounts intermittently
  • Music plays automatically when accessing the music player
  • Incoming emails do not show the return email address
  • Corporate emails stop syncing
  • Fix MMS, Messaging, and E-Mail issues

New additions:

  • Improved touch screen and dialer functions
  • Evernote application added
  • Where’s Waldo game added
  • Midnight Bowl 2 game added
  • Music Player auto-play upon launch corrected
  • “About” phone menu added to Settings, Quick List>Settings>About Phone
  • Boot screen animation change (now Samsung logo)
  • Delay reduction for proximity sensor while on a call
  • Battery icon status in notification bar now matches screen lock battery status

Motorola CLIQ

The CLIQ update will also begin rolling out today, February 18th. TmoNews obtained some leaked documents which have the release notes of the update.

Enhancements include:

  • Improved battery life
  • New Manage SIM card application
  • Support of .WMA and .WAV media files
  • Removal of the imeem mobile application (replaced by Slacker Radio)
  • Improved software performance and stability
    • Improved widget response
    • Decreased ‘force close’ error messages
    • Other various fixes

If you receive one of these updates, be sure to let us know how it performs.

Thanks to everyone who sent these in. We know how important updates are to you.

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