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The HTC Scorpion is poised to strike later this year

3D Scorpion

The folks over at AndroidSPIN have just received a leaked build file which supposedly outs yet another Android handset in the already overflowing HTC catalog. What makes this one so special you might ask? A little hunting through the code reveals these details:

It should be at least Q4 until we see this one unleashed, but the speed with which new devices are churning out of HTC does seem remarkable. At least in part their breakneck pace might be attributed to the ability to focus more intently on the internals rather than having to be concerned with the exterior hardware design. I think we could all predict with reasonable accuracy the basic appearance of the next HTC Android device, but what we will find beating inside is the mystery.

As a fan of the platform it is a thrill to see HTC funneling so much of their resources into Android, but there is a part of me that hopes they slow down just a bit.

This embarrassment of riches is a blessing and a curse for Android at the moment; at what point does the omnipresent news of the “next big thing” on the horizon go from exciting to paralyzing? How many of you out there find yourself completely unable to pull the trigger on any Android device out of fear that we are only days or weeks away from another groundbreaking release?

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Source: AndroidSPIN

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