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Why do we need Flash on Android? FarmVille.

4 years ago 34

Adobe Flash 10.1 is coming to Android in the first half of 2010, but several users are enjoying an early version that was included in a leaked HTC Desire ROM. One of the biggest uses of Flash is games and the most popular game right now is Farmville (75 million active users). I’ve never actually played the game, but I’m familiar with it from all the spam in my Facebook news feed.

Some guys from Redmond Pie loaded up FarmVille to see how it performed on a Nexus One and they captured it on video. Note this is leaked software and no where near final, but it gives an early preview of what we could expect. Hopefully, developers will take advantage of the Adobe Air platform to port these games down to the smaller displays.

Which Flash games do you want to play on Android?

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