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Evernote for Android: Organize Your Life

I have been using Evernote as part of my daily life for about four months now. After reading about it on such sites as Lifehacker and 43 Folders and hearing of an Android app in the works, I decided to make the plunge.

Evernote allows you to store and organize your notes in the cloud so you can retrieve them later anywhere easily. A note can be any bit of text, audio, a screenshot, etc. You enter these into Evernote through the use of a computer application, web browser plug-in or mobile app. Evernote then indexes the information automatically (or you can do it yourself) so you can find it when you need it. One neat feature is that it will even figure out text in a photo and use that information.

Obviously, in order to be be able to recall the information when and where you want, a mobile app is key. Last December Evernote unveiled their Android app and it is a beast (in a good way). This is no scaled down version of the PC/Mac client. This is a fully functional application to create, save, and recall the information you want. In addition, every note you make can be tagged with your location so you can search your notes for ones written near a location. One thing lacking from this app (and the Android platform in general) is the ability to take screenshots of your phone. Not a huge loss but obviously missing when compared to the PC versions.

It is a free service, up to a point. You are limited to 40MB of uploads per month and you are limited to images, audio, text, and PDF file types (and the text of the PDF is not indexed). By going for the $45 subscription for a year you get up to 500MB of uploads a month, any file types (including Microsoft Office files) and text of PDFs are indexed. I have been happy with my free account. I only use it for quick text notes and lists and an occassional audio recording.

Since the release of the Android app I notice I no longer deal with a pocket full of scribbled notes at the end of the day (or leaving them in my pockets at the end of the day and having them go through the wash) or losing a good idea I had but didn’t have a pen to write it down. Storing all your little notes in the cloud makes perfect sense. Is this app going to make you an organizational maven? Probably not. But it is yet another tool (and a truly geeky one at that) that you can use to get organized.

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