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Android Hacks: Video review of SuperCSDIv4 for the G1

Make your G1 feel like a Nexus One! Okay… maybe that was going too far. LOL. But this WILL make your G1 feel BETTER than new.

As always, you will need root in order to flash custom ROMs. ESPECIALLY custom Spanish ones.

This ROM comes to you courtesy of Spain and well known developer Super@tmel from HTCMania. I don’t know what that guy put in his bowl of “Kernel Flakes” but this really is the fastest ROM I have yet to experience.

Now, I didn’t believe the hype surrounding this ROM. I too was an unbeliever. You always hear of new developers touting their ROMs as the fastest or how some kid made a ROM that can cook you a hotpocket in 30 seconds flat. Well, I am pleased to say that I was wrong with this ROM.

Being a flash junkie myself, I have been around the ROM block and can honestly say this is not placebo. Linpack alone can support my claim and even if it didn’t, I would still stand behind this ROM. Even with NO RAM hack this ROM beats the competition and still supports 3D gaming.

My only comlaint is that I wish some devs and themers would give this ROM a little bit of love. It is definitely an eyesore and it would be nice to see this packed up with the correct APN settings. A stock Eclair 2.1 theme wouldn’t hurt either.

Installation Instructions

Disclaimer: This is a European ROM and although its working great for ME, some weirdness may be likely as a result. As always, wipe data, wipe ext and repair ext PRIOR to flashing/installing. Don’t forget, Nandroid is your best friend so backup yo stuff UP!

Update: MLIGN gave this some love and fixed all the broken stuff (Correct APN settings with Data, 3G, MMS. English keyboard as well).


For best results, use an ext2 partition. It is much faster than ext3 and ext4 and doesn’t journal itself (thanks Kmobs!) You may want to consider repartitioning.

This ROM will fly but only if you jam out to some Spanish music while its flashing. Weird, huh?

Setup is pretty easy.

Apps2SD is not enabled by default so you will have to turn it on.

  • You can do this by opening the preinstalled SupSetup 4 app.
  • Press the big “S” to continue.
  • Now select Options and then select App2SD and LinuxSwap.
  • Check off App2SD and exit the app.
  • Once exited reboot your phone and apps2sd will be enabled.

Google Maps was removed cuz of problems with upgrading so download from the Market now!

Now that’s all there is to it! Flash this ROM to see for yourself that there is nothing faster on the G1. Enjoy!

Source: YouTube

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