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Android momentum continues despite Apple lawsuit

Big news broke this week when Apple filed a lawsuit against HTC. Clearly, Apple’s legal team closely tracks patent infringements, but has now decided to take aim. What’s interesting about this is that for now they are only targeting HTC, a hardware manufacturer, when most of the content in the lawsuit addresses software, namely Android features.

Many Verizon customers are anxiously awaiting the arrival of the Nexus One to Big Red. Soon after, AT&T will release the HTC Desire and Dell Mini 5. Sony’s Xperia X10 could even make a surprise appearance. Coupled with Sprint and T-Mobile devices, the momentum is significant. Motorola’s Droid has made the biggest impact so far and a follow up punch with the Nexus One will potentially bring Android to millions more users. The Desire on AT&T will bring the most direct competition to the iPhone, domestically.

Until now, Android has not officially made it onto Apple’s radar screen… that is, until the Droid and Nexus One hit the market. Now however, Apple is taking notice and is prepared to take HTC, Google and Motorola to task over its patents. It will be a long, drawn out process and the impacts are unknown. In the mean time, Apple will try to put a damper on Android’s progress. The fact is, Android buzz is at an all-time high and the latest news is feeding the engine.

For their part, Google has quickly come forward to announce their support for HTC and surely, the Motorola legal team is closely following developments. While Apple is only going after the smallest player at this point, there are plenty resources to draw from in defending HTC and Android.

As with much litigation, this may very well be settled behind the scenes with money changing hands and/or undisclosed agreements while the products and technology continue to flow. Specifically, HTC is scheduled to bring its top two products to the nation’s top two carriers.

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