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AT&T Nexus One now available, Canada too

We received a tip yesterday that Google would be selling the Nexus One with support for AT&T 3G starting today. I had heard nothing of the sort, so I ignored the tip and decided not to post it. Now today I checked the store and a Nexus One is available that is compatible with AT&T and Rogers Wireless.

AT&T customers can buy an unlocked Nexus One for $529 and there are no subsidized options. This is great news for AT&T users because they can now purchase the best Android phone and it is not crippled like the Backflip.

Update: Users in Canada are reporting even more versions of the phone. I’ve been told there is one for WIND Mobile, and the other for Rogers, Telus or Bell networks.

Here is the tip we were sent:

“I work for a contract company for tech support on the AT&T network and was just informed that starting 3/16 Google will be selling the Nexus One will the AT&T bands. Google will not be offering AT&T service and will not, to the best of my knowledge, be offering the phone with any subsidized pricing.”

Your superphone is ready to order.

Via: Nexus One Blog

Source: Google Phone Store

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