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Confirmed: Droid 2.1 update arriving today

After months of waiting, this finally looks like the real deal. Verizon informed their employees the Droid OTA update for Android 2.1 would begin today and several users have already reported receiving it. Both Droid Life and Phandroid have user pics of the new Android 2.1 firmware (Build ESE81) freshly installed.

As long as the original time line stands, another 9,000 users will receive the update at midnight. A 24-hour dark period will follow tomorrow and then 200,000 users per day should see the update starting April 1.

Look for the manual install instructions once the official download link for the update is discovered.

Below is the software-upgrade notification schedule (All times listed are Eastern Time):

  • At noon on 03/30, 1,000 users will receive notification of the update.
  • At 11:59 PM on 03/30, 9,000 more users will receive the update notification.
  • After the first 10,000 users receive the update on 03/30, there will be a 24-hour period when no additional upgrades will be delivered.
  • On Day 3 (04/01), 200,000 users will receive the update notification at 11:59 PM. This schedule will continue each day thereafter until the update has been delivered to all users.

ESE81 is the final build number for the new Android 2.1 update.

Source: Droid-life

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