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Confirmed: No multitouch for Xperia X10

Yesterday we ran a story which claimed the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 would never support multitouch because of a hardware limitation. The source of the information was a comment left on the official Sony Ericsson Product Blog, but we still had a hard time believing the news. How could a company leave out multitouch support from their high-end Android phone?

We contacted Sony Ericsson to clarify the issue and received the following response.

“It is correct that the X10 will not support multi-touch. However with the X10’s signature applications, the X10 offers an excellent user experience.”Sony Ericsson spokesperson

Although brief, I guess that settles the issue. The X10 will not support multitouch (ever).

Also still in question – will a United States carrier actually launch this phone? We still don’t know the answer, but I think the chances just got a little slimmer.

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