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Droid does delays: No 2.1 update today

Are we really surprised? Boy Genius Report is claiming the Motorola Droid update to Android 2.1 has been delayed and we tend to agree with them. They go on to say a last minute bug was found and there is no new ETA for the update.

We were expecting the first batch of updates to go out at 12 PM EST, but no users have reported receiving the official update.

This is really ironic because this is the second time Motorola has posted on their Facebook page that the update was coming out and then failed to deliver. Maybe there really is something to that tip we got yesterday which blamed Bitfone for the delay.

Stay tuned for details. If we find any new information we will update this post. If you magically receive the OTA update, hit up our tip line and let us know.

The OTA for Android 2.1 is now TBD.

Source: BGR

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