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Gameloft pulls into the lead as top Android game dev with Asphalt 5

Gameloft has had this off and on relationship with Android, but the fact remains they are one of the leading international publishers of video games for mobile phones (seriously, go check out their iPhone lineup). A quick visit to their official website reveals they have no dedicated section for Android games, but the company has been quietly building their Android lineup.

Polarbit became the king of 3D Android games earlier this month when they released Raging Thunder 2, but their spot at the top was short lived. Gameloft just released Asphalt 5 to the Market and we believe it places them solidly in the lead as top Android game developer.

Asphalt 5 easily has the best 3D graphics I have seen on an Android phone. The level design is second to none and the accelerometer based controls are spot on.

There is no multiplayer mode like RG2, but the single player game is one of the deepest I have seen for on Android. Replay value is off the charts with a huge garage of real cars and bikes to unlock including Audi, Ferrari, Kawasaki, Lotus, Mercedes, Mini Cooper, Nissan, and more. Each vehicle is fully customizable with upgrades, paint jobs, and decals. Users can fine tune their ride by customizing 10 different parts to boost the stats and performance.

The only downside to the game is that it pretty much requires a Motorola Droid. The Nexus One is officially supported, but the framerate is unplayable at this time. Hopefully Gameloft can push out a couple of updates which tweak the performance. Even the Droid can experience the occasional slowdown, but it is a smooth ride for the most part.

Because this is a premium title, Gameloft has attached a premium price. Asphalt 5 is currently selling for $6.99, but I think it is worth every penny. The game also weighs in at a hefty 13.6 MB and downloads additional game content to your SD card upon first load.

A quick trailer of the iPhone version of Asphalt 5 is available on Gameloft’s YouTube page and it provides a pretty good representation of what you can expect on the Droid.

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