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Google search coming to Dish Network via Android

Google’s Android has conquered all the major United States carriers and now your TV is next in their quest for world domination to reach more devices.

Can Google provide a better search for your cable or satellite set-top box? Google employees and their families are currently beta testing a new Dish Network service that lets you search TV shows and Web video, according to the WSJ.

The service runs on set-top boxes “using elements of Google’s Android operating system”, but no details were provided about the hardware partner. The WSJ previously reported that Motorola was looking to bring Motoblur to their set-top boxes, so they are a possibility.

I think the cable and satellite companies are going to put up more of a fight than the carriers (before they hand their customers over to Google), but if they can increase their ad revenues through a partnership with Google I guess anything is possible.

Via: Business Insider

Source: WSJ

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